From the Deep: An AoS Short story review

Black Library has been putting up so many books and short stories lately that I can hardly keep up with them but it is a challenge I’m accepted gladly. Last weekend I read the Age of Sigmar short story From the Deep and I must say Black Library, it won’t be a hard challenge since I just could not take the book down until I was finished.

The story was written by Jaine Fenn who is a brand new face in the Black Library author list. She wrote several other books (even a space opera) before this book so it was a wise choice from the BL.

The story itself revolves around the War of Life fight between the Forces of Nurgle and the Sylvaneth but mainly about one aelve and the Deepkin. In the book, they show us one tiny bit of one battle through the eyes of Kelara, leader of the Naereids. She lives under the Sea of Serpents (not in a pineapple tho (sorry, terrible joke)) with her people and from the very beginning, she also fights the Nurgle infestation. Eventually, she and her followers join the battle on the surface and she receives an important task which could turn the battle and even the war around.

I must admit, reading this book was intense from the very first page. The fighting scenes we just incredible and seeing those aelves fighting under the sea with the Nurgle Blightkings was a real revelation to me since I had no idea how could they move and fight swiftly in the water. And the story doesn’t stop there. Like I said before they eventually the Deepkin will take the fight to the surface and they join battle currently happening there. And that is where the real fun begins.

And I’m going to stop here since any more of the story would be spoilers. I would definitely recommend this short story to anyone who loves Age of Sigmar and especially for the Deepkin fans. You won’t get bored even for a single line with this story, trust me. This was a short review for a short story.

You can download the ePub formation here. 

The next book who will get a review will be the first book from the Eight Lamentations trilogy.