New Fyreslayers Battletome #1 – wishlist

Ever since I first met with the Age of Sigmar wargame, I just knew that the Fyreslayers are going to be my No.1 army. I just liked the lore and the overall look of the army (I’m also a huge fan of Gotrek who came back as a Fyreslayer). But lately I felt playing them was a bit underwhelming since the new armies got way better kits to play with (casting, unbinding, more allegiance stuff etc.). But a week ago at Adepticon they revealed a Fyreslayers new book coming along with some fancy “endless spells” stuff. Here’s a video just to recap that:

As you can see there are a bunch of new stuff on its way including new battletome, Magmic Invocations (which is sorta like the endless spells) and of course the Fyreslayers scenery, the forge. These are all awesome news and everything just looked way too awesome (including the dice). But I have a few things which I want to the new tome (and maybe some of the new stuff) to address. Before I get started on this list I’d like to inform you that I’m just a simple Fyreslayer enthusiastic. I have no rule making experience or anything like that, this is just purely things that come to my mind. Feel free to argue on the comments though, I’ll try my best to answer anything! Without further ado, let’s start the list:

Allegiance Abilities

Right now the slayers abilities boils down to this: you have 6 runes to use. Yeah that’s it basically. Which is better than nothing but there are things to improve here. Right now our main problem is not to hold the objective but to take it from your opponent, which means we lack both the movement and the damage sometimes.

Firstly, we could certainly use more rune options to choose from. This is because by the end of the 3rd round I usually ran out of useful runes which can deal more damage or have more situational use. This could mean rend on throwing axes, run and charge etc. Also make the enhanced effect a bit more accessible. As of now I can only use

Secondly I’d very much love to see a faction wide beard save (sorry Kenny I liked this name so much, I just had to use it) at a 6+. This means a little more survivability for the support units and also for Magmadroth. As for the 4+ save vulkite berzerkers and others could add +1 to this save just like they do now.

Lastly, lodges with certain buffs. Just like the Flesh-eater grand courts, you could choose beetween lodges which gives certain buffs and also makes other units battlelines (there are rumors on Magmadroth battle lines, but I don’t see that happening, but we’ll see). For example you choose the Vorstag lodge which makes the Hearthguard berzerkes battleline and it gives faction wide re-roll, rolls of one when they are near a hero. You can also assemble your own lodge like a Kharadron skyport.


Magmadroth heroes: they really  really need more ways to survive fights. I always had to keep both my droths behind my lines because they die so fast and easily, it’s just doesn’t worth them to go out and fight. With that 6+ beard save it would be just slightly better but I could really use some buff on this save. Also the roaring fyrestream is awesome but one could never really hit heroes with it. They could rework this just so I can hit those solo guys.

Runesmiter: he’s just awesome the way he is. The only thing I could change is the tunneling ability which would mean you can use it just like a slann teleport. On a 4+ you can tunnel one unit of your choice with the same rules. Also it may be a bit of far stretch but give him unbind too.

Runemaster:  just rework him please. Most of the guys using him is because you have to take him with the battalion. Give him a complete rework and also some unbind. It would make him so much better.

Vulkites:  they are my favorite unit of the whole game. I just love them. There is only one thing I would change is the rule of the shields. I’d change it to a ranged missile attack. Like you can choose that whether you want to throw them you can do that just like the way it is now (roll for each guy within 8″ but you also lose 1 save in the combat) but in each turn when they are in range. Right now the rules states that they picking the shields up next turn anyways so why they cannot throw it again? I see little to no chance of this happening but it would be great.

Auric Hearthguard: just give them +1 to hit (to 3+3+). There are so many things that give -1 to hit already (starting with the look out sir) which means that they are just not that good. I think it would solve their issues. (A burn damage would be also great like the flamers do.)

Battlesmith: a little more range on the reroll saves would be great but I don’t see that happening (maybe they change it to wholly within 12″). He’s not a priest so I doubt that he will get an unbind, but he could certainly use one.

Magmic Invocations and the Forge

All I want them is to be useful. That’s all basically. The big guy should deal damage and give some debuff. The little magma spew should be also something that deals damage too. As for the wall, I think it will give cover to the unit behind it, but they could also change it up, and could give debuff to ranged attacks. Either way should be fine.

As for the Forge what I want from it either one of these two: it could be giving some bonus to the allegiance rune roll (the more priest near the better) or better beard save in a certain area. I don’t see the last one happening (same with the first one too) but it would be great.


That’s most of the things I want from the new Fyreslayers book (the other things which are did not mention here are utter nonsense). Feel free to give your thoughts to it or what do you want from the book. Don’t forget that these are purely fictions and you shouldn’t be taking it seriously. If you’d like to feel free to follow me on Facebook or anywhere else!