Prepare your wallet #1 – Gloomspite Gitz (part one)

As you may have heard already Games-Workshop has just revealed the newest faction of Age of Sigmar, the Gloomspite Gitz. If you haven’t you can check the new blog post here.

But the reason why I’m writing this article is because most of the people is amazed by how good they look on the pictures. No surprise there though, the grot and the moonclan faction needed an overhaul so bad. But the question is: are they need to sell their kidneys in order to buy every single new modell or to get a working army? Let’s try and guess it!

I’ll divide my posts into every single new reveal, and will continue with each new things in January when they will show them. So this is just part one.

I have to warn everybody that I don’t work or have any relationship with GW. Everything written here is purely just calculations, speculations and a bunch of wild guesses. Everything in the article is in Euro.

Let’s start the big reveals:

  1. Fanatics: these guys got new models plus a new box which comes with two seperate sets of weapons wich means you have more options and more plastic inside. They are now at 12.50 and my guess is they will be 20 for 6 fanatics.
  2. Endless Spells: Both new Beasts of Chaos and Stormcast endless spells boxes are 25 each and even though the gorts will have additional one the price will be the same.
  3. Skragrott – the loonking: he is a hero and basically every hero is at 25 so it won’t be a suprire if the loonking would come at the same price.
  4. Bad Moon Loonshire – the new scenery is a tricky one becouse we don’t know the size of this thing yet. But it looks detailed and it is might be smaller than the shipwreck of the idoneth, so it could be 30.
  5. Squigs: multipart squig box is on the way to shelves. It will contain additional parts and more models so I’d say 30 for each box.
  6. Dice – there was a dice showing on the video in the article which is a must have for every grot player (only if it won’t be another “death guard dice”). Every dice is at 15 so it might keep the price tag.

We are currently at 120 euro for all these boxes. What do you think? Have I miscalculated something? Let me know!

I’ll continue the calculations as soon as they show us more next year!